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Saves energy.Saves money

VYAPT Industries Pvt. Ltd., established in 2021, strives to become a pioneer in providing International standard solution in the field of General lighting, Solar, Smart Lighting. VYAPT Industries uses best approach on technology and smart innovation techniques for reducing the electricity consumption bills which is always a big concern for all of us. At VYAPT, we are ready to serve all industry and market needs where eco- friendly, dependability, versatility, budget conscious, low maintenance is the main criteria. We excel at all times and ready with all kinds of solution which are tailor made for one’s specific need. Apart from providing the above scope of work, we also do procurement of LED light, solar lights, electrical and electronic goods. We are also involved in import and export of the same.

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VYAPT Industries : A Name of Quality

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Provide an expeditious, flexible and responsive services to customers


Ensure the products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the internationally recognized standards


Cultivate an environment to develop and retain high quality people

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A Name of Quality

Our Mission & Objective

We are the general population of VYAPT bringing a brilliant and agreeable condition by offering proficient lighting counsel and arrangement. We are resolved to wind up one of the main organizations in lighting arrangement industry and give extraordinary items and administrations to our clients

Our Speciality

VYAPT's energy efficient lighting products are making the mark with innovation across the globe. It’s clear that we’re able to provide our customers with solutions that will help them meet their business objectives. See the map for all of our locations.


  • Qualified development team to develop products for the highly competitive LED Lighting Market.
  • Top ranking product Lab.
  • Energy efficient and quality design, simulated with real-life scenarios.
  • Drivers are designed to sustain at worst conditions of High/Low Voltage and High/Low Temperature.
  • Intelligent and smart light design.
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