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A Name of Quality

VYAPT Industries Pvt. Ltd., established in 2021, strives to become a pioneer in providing International standard solution in the field of General lighting, Solar, Smart Lighting. VYAPT Industries uses best approach on technology and smart innovation techniques for reducing the electricity consumption bills which is always a big concern for all of us. At VYAPT, we are ready to serve all industry and market needs where eco- friendly, dependability, versatility, budget conscious, low maintenance is the main criteria. We excel at all times and ready with all kinds of solution which are tailor made for one’s specific need. Apart from providing the above scope of work, we also do procurement of LED light, solar lights, electrical and electronic goods. We are also involved in import and export of the same.

In continuation to this, we provide general and technical consultancy for the related items. We have research and development, design competency, provision of technical assistance and manufacturing system including production control, quality control and improvement of production lines. VYAPT Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a technology conscious company focused on science- based lighting solutions. Drawing from basic roots, the company has a track record of commercializing next generation products targeted for infrastructure, commercial and residential places. Our understanding and expertise of solid state lighting enables the company to capture the essence of light through minimalist designs that incorporate advanced feature sets. The material and energy efficiencies achieved through this approach drive the competitive costing and ultimately successful product.

VYAPT Industries : A Name of Quality

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Vision, Mission & Values


Our mission is to build long term relationships with our clients & provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovating ideas and new tool of technology.


We respect our customer, which we fully believe in with faith. We go through creativity honesty, integrity and business ethicsinto all our business functioning.